The Date Is...

In this fast paced real estate market, and the market did pick up speed, it is always great to keep your eyes on the prize...CLOSING!  Sellers are launching to market and ready to engage in the best dating game of all!  They are thinking of a closing date! Positive manifestation, works in yoga so why not real estate.

When a home enters into a contract there are a myriad of dates that relate to the contingencies within.  There is the home inspection and the appraisal...deep breathing required there, along with loan commitment.  There is also plenty of hand-holding...always on dates....when it comes to off record matters, association documents, easements and surveys and title!  There are so many dates, buyers and sellers along with brokers and closing agents often take the eye off the prized date, which is closing....and it ain't over till it's over!

So manifest that date, paste it to your mirror the old school way or alarm and sync it.  Get it in the cloud and on the calendar and you will see success!

For more information on buying or selling real estate in Denver and the surrounding villages such as Castle Pines Village, give me a call or email me.  Or, if you want some manifestation and positive thinking, give me a call as I have been working with buyers and sellers for over 30 years.

Judy Fahrenkrog
303-820-2489 posted: May 6, 2013 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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