A before and after photo from a client was received with the following text: Construction Gloves $ 12 Bottle of Sunscreen $ 5 Bosch Saw $ 129 Tearing off Deck Priceless The satisfaction and reward of actually knowing that a task needs to be accomplished and actually getting to "yes" on that accomplishment is priceless. Whether you are gifted at "do it yourself" home improvements or gifted at "out-sourcing" the work, getting it done insures that your investment will grow. The economy has presented sellers with the growing challenge of preparing their homes for sale. In listing a property, the first discussion is list price and the second discussion is home staging. Home staging is essential in a competitive buyers market, and a well staged home usually gets a second showing. Home staging begins with the de-clutter process that requires no expertise but a little hard work. Packing up everything that you are certain you will not move to a new home and getting it to the appropriate charity or consignment shop is the first step. After you have done that "spring cleaning" the next step is to pack up and organize the things you will move that are personal; all the family photos, all the framed wall photos and all those souvenirs or objects of art from family and friends. Although your #1 Mom coffee mug is your priceless treasure, it needs to be packed and ready to move. After the de-clutter process, the next step is to assess each room. The master suite needs to be clean and pressed, in other words counter tops free of bottles, brushes and well worn linens. Giving the master suite the fresh look of an expensive hotel room adds subliminal value to the home...and don't forget the closets! A well organized closet adds volume. While you are in the de-clutter mode, go through the wardrobe and store or pack the off-season clothing. The next room is the kitchen, one of the most important rooms in any home and the room that usually is the easiest to stage. Free the counters again, the food processor and blenders, etc. get a time-out in the cabinets. Giving a kitchen a clean modern look does not have to be an expensive or time consuming project. Replacing the cannisters with a simple bowl of fresh apples and one cookbook on the counter is all you need. Remember, you don't have to be barefoot or a contessa to give your kitchen the look of a chef. After staging the two most important rooms in the home, the rest is easy and you'll quickly notice the necessity of bringing the other rooms up to speed. If you have a garage whether attached or detached, it is a room too, so get it done. You may be the next client that sends a text reading: Moving and Storage boxes $ 15 Rubber gloves $ 4 Ibuprofen $ 8 Staged Home PRICELESS Contact me to get connected with a few moving and storage companies in Denver that will provide storage, boxes and pods with considerable discounts and savings if you are a Kentwood client. email: posted: April 20, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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