Etymologists define the Latin root of motivate as "motare", to move in a fashion, shake it up, let's get MOTIVATED and MOVE.

Now is the time to MOVE DENVER, get motivated, stir it up because this record making housing market will not last.  In the hierarchy of motion, what goes up must certainly move, so which side of the arrow motivates you?

Abraham Maslow discussed human motivation through the hierarchy of needs, the most basic is eating, sleeping, breathing and the second tier upwards is security of home, property, employment.  From those first two tiers the move is up to love and belonging then on to respect, achievement, self-esteem towards the top tier of self-actualization; think Pyramid and then think like an Egyptian.  The epitome of self-actualization is the top of the pyramid, but why not live in something more "livable" .

There are many areas in Denver that have seen market movement at a motivated pace, but a too well kept secret in the metro Denver area is Castle Pines Village.  Many of the luxury homes in the packet of listing inventory are for sale at motivated prices.  This is your chance to live the dream and move into an estate quality home on exceptional acre plus lots with native landscaping that captures the essence of Colorado...truly where Denver becomes Colorado again.

So, time to get your move on.  For more information on the luxury  homes in Castle Pines Village or other neighborhoods in the Denver area, give me a call.

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties
  posted: June 12, 2013 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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