The Real Estate Within

Is the most expensive square footage of real estate the dining room in your own home?  So you need a large dining room for the table that sits twelve chairs comfortably because you have a boxed set of Thanksgiving china with accessory pieces that dare to be broken once a year?  Didn't think so.  
Time to take stock and get clear with how you live, and then look around your home to determine if the real estate is still valuable.

A living room that gathers dust can play out as a different culture center...need a playroom for the kiddos?  Many interior designers will inject new life into unused rooms by simply adding what is missing.  Turn that stale living room into a library with a long table used as a library table when not in use as the dining table, shelve the walls with books, photos, a TV and add the oversized sofas or chairs...voila!  Next step, turn the unused dining room into a home office with homework stations for the kids...use it as the smart location with all the plugs and the room will get heavy use.  Everyone may be on their own tablet, but they will be within the same real estate.

Rooms are like people, they need character.  If the room is the classic look right out of the last issue of any number of magazine glossies, then perhaps the character of the owner is indeed lifted off the page.  Guests come to your home because they want to be with you and soak up that aura of friendship, can they do it in a room that suggests you live along Central Park rather than Wash Park?  If the room characterizes the owner, than you have a room with more user visits, therefore useful real estate within.  

If you have tried a number of these options and still cannot make all the empty space and real estate within your home work, give me a call and we can find a home that suits your lifestyle.  I work with buyers and sellers in the Denver area, city close and country wide.  For more information go to...

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties

posted: June 17, 2013 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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