SUNDAY, CBS SUNDAY MORNING, featured housing, in all shapes, forms and styles.

One of the great American dreams right up there with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is housing.  Housing is one of the most established investments for the American family.  Housing remains the center of the American family and housing plays a major role in the health of the American economy.

One of the more interesting segments on the show was the American passion for birdhouses, including birdhouses that reflect the homes of the very rich and very famous.  Martha Stewart's Connecticutt farmhouse, several of the famed Wyeth portrait homes are among a few of the upper end homes for feathered friends, but the smaller, child-like versions are just as charming.

Housing is back and it is time to jump into the market.  There are still many communities where opportunities are abundant.
Find the home that fits you and your lifestyle, work with a professional that will get the job done.

For more information on housing in the Denver metro area, contact me.  I have sold properties city close and in luxury communities in and around the metro area, including Castle Pines Village.  Let's find a home to tweet about!

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties
303-820-2489 posted: August 25, 2013 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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