Staging Future Cities

Sustainable development is dependent on the staging of future cities, according to the IJNR, International Journal of Neighborhood Renewal. They are hosting an international symposium in London that will focus on several themes that will bring cities into a sustainable future. The major themes are culture, neighborhood, connectivity, sport, enterprise, beauty, health and global and regional issues. The Connected City is a theme that carries particular interest for futurists as we move through this century, connectivity via communications/internet and transportation models. The future of the Denver area is very optimistic with its focus on many of the themes: Denver is quickly becoming a Cultural City with world class opera, ballet, theatre, symphony companies, major art museums and the Starz Film Festival has developed an international presence. No doubt that Denver is a Sporting City, with professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer and the region allows access to world class skiing and snow sports along with hiking, biking and fly fishing. Beauty and healthy, two words that are synonymous with Colorado, are themes that were also highlighted in the recent CBS Sunday Morning feature on the happiest cities to live in the USA. Boulder ranked number one, it is regionally very close to Denver neighborhoods, also a short commuter trip from both downtown areas. Denverites often frequent Boulder's great restaurants, outdoor experiences, Farmers market and the infamous pedestrian mall. Both cities have easy access to international travel and commerce, a global theme for future cities. Sustainable development in Denver, the urban center of Colorado, the future looks very bright; so bright you may have to wear shades. Connect with Denver and the realtor with a sustainable career in helping buyers and sellers move Denver. email posted: May 13, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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