The Pose

The "asana" in yoga is the practice of posturing, the positioning of the body while incorporating natural elements to achieve a greater awareness, it is the pose. How one moves through or stays in a pose is the art of the practice. Architecture is similar to the asana because the design is based on how the structure is positioned on the site, how it incorporates the foliage, topography and environment to achieve greater awareness. A truly great design is reflective of the way the architect poses, it becomes the home's asana. The Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home at 980 South Steele stands proud in its pose. Angular lines, the abundant use of organic materials along with the positioning of the home, sited high on the lot with the preservation of the towering pine trees is the greater awareness. This is modern, this is cool, this is unique. It is the asana. For more detailed information about this home, email: posted: May 17, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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