Game Changer

CBS Sunday Morning featured cities throughout the United States that buyers are flocking too. The requirements were simple, lifestyle lifestyle and lifestyle. The number one city on the list was Boulder, and the buyer profile was the 40 something plus, early retirees, and more individuals or families looking to combine work and recreation in one day. A restaurant owner was featured fishing in the morning then off to work for the lunch crowd. Boulder and Denver are short commutes back and forth, so both areas are attractive to buyers but the game changer for Boulder's real estate market was the special attention it received, things have changed and the market is as hot as summer. That renewed energy has been noted in several of the Denver markets, we have the same attractions and more, and we have the benefit of a lower price per square foot. A recent under contract in the Boulder area was approximately $900 per square foot, higher than Denver for the same quality house. Many of the homes in the Denver area are priced to sell, an advantage for the buyer. Vacancy rates for rental homes, condos and apartments are at record lows and seller inventory has decreased, more game changing moves in the residential market. With interest rates at record lows, it is time to change your game or get in the game. For an overview of the market, contact me by email at posted: June 10, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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