"Hashtags are words or phrases preceeded by the # symbol and have become the new cultural shorthand." Ashley Parker, New York Times. Twitter has made the # symbol a fast short cut to categories, so if you are looking for comments about certain politicos and celebs, all you need to do is type the #symbol and the name, or the free association to the name...e.g. #Winning, you will not come up with the Dallas Mavericks but you will find all comments associated with a certain former television sitcom star. Tweeting in real estate is relatively new, but extremely point to service for checking the status of a property. Now that the market has picked up its pace, the hashtag may become the new norm for checking a listing. For example, 762 Valderrama Court in Castle Pines Village is a much anticipated listing due to launch to market in the near future. When it launches a tweet with the hashtag #Active will appear. Think of the possibilities: # Under Contract # Taking Back-ups # SOLD # Price Reduction # New Listing Amazing opportunities exist with this cultural shorthand. Let's give it a try! posted: June 13, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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