The Denver Nightingale

Long the symbol for poets and bards from a variety of ages, the nightingale is so named because they frequently sing at night and during the day but more noticeable at night because of the lack of competitive bird song.  The nocturnal lament is predictably from a single male nightingale trying to attract a mate and it is sung more loudly in urban environments.  Thus, the nickname for one of Denver's more colorful recording artists and a recent inductee in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame,  Billy Murray.  He had a strong tenor voice but his delivery was unique for that error; more conversational and filled with humor for his comedy and novelty song recordings...such as K-K-K-Katy.  Many of his well known recordings are familiar today.
 "Alexander's Ragtime Band"  "Dixie"  "Over There"
"You're a Grand Old Flag"  "Oh, You Beautiful Doll"
"In The Good Old Summer Time"   "Pretty Baby"
"Yankee Doodle Boy"  "Tipperary"

While Billy Murray spent his early years growing up in Denver when Denver was in its infancy.  Eventhough he left Denver for Vaudeville and to become a pioneer in the recording industry, many of his relatives remained including his favorite nephew, Frank Meredith Hickey with whom he indulged in a shared love of baseball.  Frank went on to be inducted into the Denver East High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

The  Denver Nightingale's career began around 1903, soared in the 20's and 30's, making his last recording in the 40's.  He remained in the New York City area for his career, yet, Colorado and Denver chose to remember, honor and recognize him as one of our best,  another reason to want to live and breath the rocky mountain air!

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 I am a fourth generation Denverite, a great,great niece of the Denver Nightingale and a Realtor for over 30 years.  I have lived in the Park Hill, Hilltop, Denver Country Club, Cherry Creek North communities and have lived as far south as Castle Pines Village.  This is #judysdenver!

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