Fifty Shades Of

Mr. Gray I presume?  No, no wait it's May, that Gray.  Yes, all you newbies to the state that brags 360 days of sunshine, the merry month of May is very grey, gray.

Begs the question is it spelled gray or grey?  Yes, both are correct another nuance of the English language just as the weather in Colorado is a bit of a nuance.  This gray, cloudy, drizzly weather is not typical of a May in Colorado but not atypical could be white and snowing!  So you say that you would rather forgo the balmy days of the February thaw for more springtime weather in May?  No you would not, winter is winter in Colorado so appreciate the days that you can thaw.  Come on people....Denver is a mile high...the altitude is 5280 above sea level ....mountain desert type...
which is why you moved here.  Let's enjoy these gray days and reflect on the endless reasons why you did move to Denver, the first I am guessing is for the weather.

If you did not move here for the weather or the various outdoor activities, you may have moved to Denver for the urban scene.  Denver has gone from a nice city in a nice state to the singular rock star status of ...Denver!  You do not even have to say Colorado anymore...people just get it.

The Denver scene includes major new and trendy artisan or farm to table restaurants and ethnic cuisine.  Perfect spots for a rainy day and Monday.  The Denver scene also includes theatre options, the Denver Center for Performing Arts and many neighborhood theatre groups and venues that perform amazing productions with local talent.  The Denver scene also includes jazz clubs, comedy clubs, and cabarets with local and international talent.  Nothing will lift the gloom and doom spirit better than a bit of spirit from one of the many local craft beer joints or a locally branded whiskey bar.  You will find it all in one location...Denver!

Call me for more information on the indoor activites Denver has to offer in the various neighborhoods.  Denver now has various neighborhoods branded for the type of activity that will motivate the May!

Judy Fahrenkrog

   posted: May 16, 2016 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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