Cherry Creek Love

Spring is in the air and Cherry Creek is in full bloom parading the neighborhood with new love and the long awaited opening of the Cherry Creek Farmer's Market!  This May to October affair brings vendors from all over the state promoting healthy living under colorful umbrellas.  The early May venues sell from the prepared food trucks and bakery stalls, with a small number of the pure "farmer" stands due to the time of year.  However, overheard many a question such as...
Do you have the Zucchini flowers?  A bit hard to harvest the canary yellow trumpet blossom off the zucchini in May.  Hard to believe the memory was snowing two weeks ago!
This is a harsh reality for many of our new Denver residents, 
the local produce will be available mid to late July.. lack of inventory.  Trust the Farmer, the red tomato in the bin is not  field home grown and don't even think Olathe corn yet..lack of inventory.

Speaking of lack of inventory, another harsh reality in the Denver urban market is the current drought on really cool real estate for purchase, it is the spring farmer's market.  If you are navigating your home search on the internet, you will find a lack of inventory because the great, great properties are usually under contract prior to the entry into the MLS...aka Internet.  Trying to use Zillow as your pocket spy for that stellar piece of real estate is akin to staring endlessly at the zucchini field for that burst of yellow on the bloom.  Trust the farmer, and trust the Realtor.

If you are interested in finding what is available for sale but not listed on the market in the Denver area, contact me at 
Kentwood City Properties
303-820-2489 posted: May 21, 2016 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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