Game Changer

Millennials and Baby Boomers are more alike than different!  Seriously check the facts:

 MILLENNIALS are the fastest growing sector of our population in the area of financial success, and many are already on their second or third homes. They know how to buy right and sell, they are not necessarily looking for the "forever" home.

BABY BOOMERS have been the population of seeking and finding financial success, they have lived and learned through a couple of recessions so they know how to buy right and sell Baby Boomers are already on their second or third homes, many owning second and third homes simultaneously.

MILLENNIALS insist on a design concept with an open floor plan and great spaces for entertaining family and friends.  This is a must have on the Buyer list for this group.  The formal concept of separated living and dining rooms is archaic to the millennial population.
BABY BOOMERS have lived in the traditional formal homes with separated living and dining rooms, they have sold the china cabinets along with the china.  This population of empty nesters with big bucket lists are driven towards the open floor plan ideal for lots of entertaining since  they have the time.   They want to see their guests while cooking or wine tasting, casual living is a high priority.

MILLENNIALS are the new workforce with global reach and remote workspaces.  This population will seek jobs that allow opportunities to work from home, they are not commuters.  Top on the Buyer need list is a home with a separate office or work space that is large enough to accomplish the "at home" office needs.

BABY BOOMERS do not need nor want to travel to the office, they have been there and checked it off the list.  The must have for this group of Buyers is the separate home office that has the capability to look and feel like the big office they just left.

MILLENNIALS seek a home that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.  They see the value in timeless design and materials and are moving away from "trendy". 

BABY BOOMERS want a home that exudes timeless design and are prone to choosing homes with organic materials rather than pre-fabricated designs and materials.  This group wants a home that blends into the environment that it lives  in rather than a home that pops "nouveau" .  Again, this group has nothing to prove, they have already done that.

So, let me set. your intention back to the common ground of the millennial and baby boomer generations because this is the Game Changer.  Millennials and Baby Boomers want the same style home, and will remodel to achieve that or line up with other Buyers to win that design.

Available in Castle Pines Village is the perfect Game Changer.  The custom home on 70 Indigo Way, along the 10th fairway of the Castle Pines Golf Club and designed by John Knudsen brings all the elements together.  A large open floor plan, ideal for entertaining with large decks, lock and slide vanishing doors, abundant use of marbles, woods, granites, and stones;  soaring ceilings and skylights make it the number one home in the Village.  Check out the photos on this website or
70 Indigo Way

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