Finding Energy

The word clutter derives from the mid-English word clotter meaning coagulate or clot. To quote attorney/life coach Laurie Hawley clutter is "stuck energy". In launching a home to today's market, sellers are often told to de-clutter their homes. The first task in this process is to go through each room and remove all the items that you are not going to move at all. Box all of these "unmovables" and deliver them to any number of charity drop-off spots for a tax write-off or a consignment shop for a bit of cash, or if it is really a former treasure the local dump. After removing the "unmovables" or former treasures, go back through each room and remove all of the "movables" and box them in boxes provided by the moving company. The "movables" include all the photos, photo albums, most of the books (including cookbooks), objets d'art or fragile and valuable sculptures, crystals, etc. Removing valuables from view also prevents accidental breakage and loss. Once you have carefully boxed and removed all the "movables" you will have immediate "Clutter Shock"! This is the natural response to looking at your home as a "house" not your home, a very important step in getting emotionally ready to let go and view your home as a business transaction rather than your first real home or the home where you raised your family. Removing the emotion from the house that is launching to market is key preparation in the marketing of the home, bringing new energy to the house that is for sale, creating an open and inviting environment to the buyer that will become the new home owner. Get unstuck now, create the new energy and get ready because the Denver area market is better than many of the major cities. For more information on preparing your home for market contact me at this website or my email address: The Kentwood Company has relationships with several of the local and professional moving and storage companies that will assist you in preparing your home for the move. Contact me to get started! posted: September 8, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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