To Your Health

Struggling to get back to a healthy economy...housing, recovering and showing signs of health...a healthy retail forecast for the holidays... so many predictions and forecasts, but are we headed back to health or wavering on the brink. The best way to insure that your home and home marketing is on the positive health side is to do the work, afterall, when it comes to health, the path is diligent. Get the house healthy, as you would your own body, to present it to a housing market where the healthy houses get sold. A pre-sale routine should include a pre-inspection. Sellers that conduct a home inspection prior to launching the home to market are well rewarded at the time of a sale. Any issue that might arise from the inspection can be thoughtfully addressed without the pressure of a contract deadline, and once the inspection items have been corrected the house can be marketed as a "healthy" house. Another step towards good health for your house is to do the heavy lifting! Just as in weight training, put some muscle into the yard work by extracting dead or unhealthy shrubs, trim the trees, manicure the lawn, weed out the gardens and seasonally prepare, just get it "buffed" up! Nothing suggests health more than a refreshed face, so give the front of your house that face lift by fillers in the home's hard wrinkles....caulk, caulk, caulk. Also, if the roots show, color it, nothing freshens a home and projects good health like fresh paint and crystal windows. If this seems overwhelming, start with the easiest task and build or get a trainer! Contact a realtor to help be the trainer for a healthy home, it will pay off with a healthy sale. The slippery path that many home owners take is to assume that the buyer will want to make changes or corrections, but do not go down that path or your home may wind up as a nominee for the Biggest Loser. Get busy and get going, afterall it's your health. posted: October 2, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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