Numbers Game

Friday's date is 11-11-11, the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the eleventh year of this century. It is a very cool number and if you are into numerology it reduces to the number 1! Numerology exists with an address too and it is easy to discern the type of house that you inhabit by doing some simple math. According to Fran Ouelette's House Numbers, based on the 12 houses of astrology, two numbers may be working in your address, the Master Number and the Choice Numbers. Adding the numbers in the address across and continuing to reduce down will give you a single digit number, the Master Number. Adding up all the numbers in the address and subracting from 12 will give you the Choice Number, subtract until you have a number from 1-12. Condo and Apartment numbers are included in the math, but not rural routes as they are too general. So let's play. 89 Indigo Way in Castle Pines Village is a fantastic lot that is available for a lucky buyer. Let's look at the numbers to see what luck this house will bring! 89 reduces to 17 down to 8 for the Master Number and subracting 12 from 89 brings a 5 to the Choice Number. What does it mean? A Master Number 8 house will bring a bountiful harvest, for here are the results of your performance as a unit or as a part of another (an 8 house also deals with the process of relationship). Here your relationships become potentially fruitful by proper management, seems like we're talking buyer, architect, builder here. In a #8 you may find the type of experience that causes you to make perhaps the deepest and most vital choices of you life. Wow! All that on a gorgeous home site! A Choice Number 5 house occupant may be a bit of a dare-devil taking some risks possibly through activities. Creativity is high in this home and compatibility is a high note. I think we can see the buyer - architect - builder pattern again! What are you waiting for? Tomorrow is as good a day as any to explore the creative potential of building you dream home. Tomorrow is a #1 day and 89 Indigo Way is the perfectly creative spot to get going! If you would like to find out the meanings behind your current home's Master and Choice Numbers email me at posted: November 10, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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