Occupy Home

Colorado was the perfect setting for the Thanksgiving holiday week. Temperatures were mild to unseasonal, with an afternoon round of golf as the major rival to an afternoon of football. Biking around the Denver area there were sightings of homeowners hanging outdoor holiday lights and greens and a few just hangin' on a sprawling porch catching a late autumn tan. Denver's rating as the number one city for male, female and pet fitness was obvious as the parks and corridors were teaming with joggers, bikers, tennis players, volleyball gamers and dog walkers. All were out with family and friends from near and far and all were headed to one place this evening....home. Home is still the number one fan favorite for Thanksgiving. Home is where one goes to fire up the olfactory receptors, to ignite the inner child and to rekindle memories. Home is the yin and the yang of family relationships, the alpha and omega of our personal transparency. Home is the plate of our lives, so why not live in the home that reflects you and your family. As you took the time to Occupy Home this holiday weekend, if it didn't fit, now is the time to make that change. A few of the holiday classic movies that played had themes around moves to make the home fit the family. "Miracle on 34th Street" was themed around believing in something bigger than yourself, something that can't be seen and to Susan's surprise, the one dream she wanted was a wish granted...a new home. "With Six You Get Eggroll" is a movie about a blended family trying to make the new step relationships work with little room to spare. In the end, they made room in their hearts and lives for each other but they also moved to a new home...their home. The movies may have been filmed in the 40's and 60's, but the themes are as current today. The home is the cornerstone of our society, it is as American as turkey and gravy. If you want to spend some time looking at the possibility of making a move with your home, phone or email me. The holiday season is a great time to tour homes for sale. Interest rates are still incredibly low and lenders are lending. email: judy@kentwoodcity.com posted: November 27, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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