Reboot... Recharge...Restart

Rebooting or recharging, we actually tend to complete those tasks daily with all of our electronics. We are a tech society, linked in to our info and tethered to the tweet. This is the future and as 2011 closes, it is time to rethink 2012 and the future. As you resolve to rethink your financial future, plan ahead and take charge of your household planning, including your real estate needs. The residential real estate market is gaining strength, interest rates are low and inventory is low in many areas; this should reboot the sellers market. Buyers are finding financing options and are taking advantage of the last of the great bargains; this should reboot the fence sitters. Many homes are going under contract prior to hitting the metro list marketing system, giving new meaning to the words "Start Your Engines". While you click the flute and ring in the New Year, think about the cupboard you will store it in until next year. Maybe it's time to put moving at the top of your New Year's List! Happy New Year To All! posted: December 27, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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