Game On!

The Denver real estate market is well into the first quarter, and 2012 could be a game changer. The low inventory has well priced homes positioned to receive multiple and back-up offers. Open House Season is near, let the March Madness begin. If you are undecided on listing your home this spring take a look at a few economic projections. Heather Draper, journalist with the Denver Business Journal summarized the comments by James Paulson, Chief Investment Strategist for Wells Capital Management. In her view, he was quite optimistic with declarations that there is growth in the GDP and a dip in the unemployment. He named 2012 the "gear year" because it is the third year of the recession recovery and the year the economy will gear up. Paulson claims there is a lot of pent up demand and that consumers will start spending again. In other words, there is cash on the sidelines! As a Seller, the game plane consists of a strategic timeline. Prior to listing the home, Sellers need to take a hard nosed look at the team. Choosing an experienced Realtor that is familiar with the neighborhood is critical. One rarely hears of a patient choosing a doctor based on low cost services and fresh/new to the business. Similarly, a professional sports franchise will mix up the head coach to get to the play-offs, but they rarely choose a coach from a different sport or based on low-salary options. They never choose a relative or "my wife's brother- in -law from her first marriage". Sellers need to choose the broker and the brokerage firm with reputation, experience, knowledge and marketing tools. The second most important team player in listing a house is the house! The house must be ready prior to the first showing. Many sellers are electing to do a pre-listing home inspection based on the mantra, "If it's broke, fix it". A pre-inspection allows the Seller to call the plays, if a sink doesn't drain properly you can call your plumber. If a problem is expensive and requires bids, your position in the game is more advantageous if it occurs prior to a Buyer's inspection. A pre-inspection allows the Seller to complete the Seller's Property Disclosure with confidence and documented knowledge. Another member of the Seller's team is the Seller or Sellers. Everyone needs to be on board for having the home "show ready" daily. Homes tend to show better with lights and music, kitchen and baths spotless, pets in agreement with their showing arrangements as well as children. It is the half-time show that only last minutes, so it needs to be spectacular. If the game plan seems daunting, call or email me at I will be the offensive coordinator from pre-listing to closing and the post season. Game on! posted: February 3, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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