The piazza or better defined as the plaza, is the centerpiece of an urban setting. It is a multifaceted public space where city life comingles. Missing from the urban landscape of Denver is the piazza, but not for long. The Denver Union Station development projects a future piazza for downtown Denver. The area will be the land transportation center, where light rail commutes and travelers convene. The historic railroad station, Union Station, is undergoing a major restoration in conjunction with re-development of the land and rail lines. There is a hotel planned, an underground bus line, parking, shopping and plenty of outdoor spaces with fountains and terrace styled seating. Commerce will be everywhere, commissioned art will be added to the iconic frontage of Union Station; all designed to draw the people and ,done right, the people will come. The historic Union Station is located where 17th Street ends on Wynkoop, right across the street from the Kentwood City Properties office. Most of the development above ground projects north west of the historic station building and rail lines. It moves towards the Highlands and LoHi neighborhoods, the most up and coming residential neighborhood in Denver, an architectural mix of bungalow with modern and the best restaurant selection along the front range. The pedestrian bridges will be well connected to the Union Station development as will the proximity to the Riverfront community, a planned luxury residential community that is bordered by Confluence Park, where the Platte meets Cherry Creek, and the Highlands area. Riverfront is the empty nester or second home city dweller's dream; a latte shop and vintner steps from your front door. Check out what is happening and get a head start on the real estate that will be available soon. For a tour of the Union Station project, email me at judy@kentwoodcity.com. I am a fourth generation Denverite, learned to ski via the Eskimo Ski Train that transported twinkie bearing mogul busting kiddos to Denver's Winter Park (part of the parks and recreation system of the mile high city). The Ski Train left every weekend from Union Station. You can tour the old and the new with a seasoned realtor and native of the city! The Union Station development is under construction, but visit www.unionstation.org for more information. posted: February 23, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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