According to the 2011 report of the Brookings Institution, Denver is now the #1 gainer of the 25-34 year olds with its amenities, highly educated population, active transportation and attractive urban center. Big news for a city the is under construction with the number 1 transportation project, the 122 mile Fas-Tracks system of new rails and light rail lines and 18 miles of bus rapid transit aiming for the redeveloped Union Station center... Bullseye! Employers are strategically positioning a return to urban real estate to attract the demographic of the Millenial generation, those born from 1981-2000. This generation is trending to a live/work lifestyle with urban amenities that include but are not limited to cultural and entertainment venues, healthy lifestyle venues from food markets to health clubs and dog parks, access to mobility with roads that accommodate bikers and hikers, daycare that is convenient and good schools. These urban amenities also appeal to the demographic of the Baby Boomer, a generation that is decidedly downsizing. That demographic is the live/work but for much longer lifestyle, extending retirement and moving from the sub to the urban. They are investing in healthy liveable real estate with access to fun and entertainment. Both the Millennials and the BBoomers want less and more, less commuting and more community; less conspicuousness and more intelligent consumption. Both groups have made decided changes in how and why they purchase and where they purchase, both groups are tech savvy. In the last decade Denver's urban real estate has experienced major change from rising skyscraping condos to the urban renewal of older diverse neighborhoods that are conjoined to the city center by pedi-bridging. Denver has built to attract with both housing and cultural targets such as the expansion of existing and the creation of new world class museums. Denver has reinvested in its beauty and appeal, the ultimate facelift. Isn't it time that you explore the urban real estate options that are available? There ar a growing number of options from affordable to luxury, many with recessionary price reductions. Contract me for an overview of Denver's real estate. email judy@kentwoodcity.com The information and research was obtained from two sources: Downtown Denver Partnership and the Progressive Urban Management Associates posted: March 7, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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