Teaching A Cat To Bark

In John Maxwell's "Leadership Gold" he states there are three reasons not to try and get cats to bark...you will frustrate the cats, you will frustrate the dogs and you will frustrate yourself. This phrase is used in many leadership training workshops and as a model for hiring and keeping the right people for the job. The saying is also common in the world of real estate, it is about finding the right house for the right time in your life. If you have been in a home a while, you have probably experienced the typical seven year itch...itching to upgrade the appliances or countertop or look at a major kitchen overhaul. Remodelling a home is a project, and can be well compared to teaching a cat to bark. So you remodel that kitchen with a sexy six burner stove with that flashy blue smile as you open the oven door. You can't take the prom queen to the dance with old countertops, or perhaps the space is tight because you gave up or added that island along the way. You are now in the business of teaching a cat to bark. Once that kitchen is completed, the rest of the house will take on the look of your high school yearbook. The bathrooms will look dull and dated, low countertops will need to be replaced or the shower expanded to accommodate the spa dream. And what about those fixtures!!! Out with the old brass and in with the new. Now you're talking real time and real money during the best buyer's market this country has seen in a decade. Before you begin the process, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the homes that are available that are still well below market value. If you can't find the home that fits, take a look at some of the build to suit opportunities that are priced well below market value. Make the silk purse out of the silk purse, now is your chance. The lot at 89 Indigo Way is listed below a recent appraised value and is the last great lot available on the golf course of the Castle Pines Golf Club. Architectural plans have been completed and approved for a spectacular home sited on the existing foundation, but the lot is available to purchase without the plans if a buyer so desires. This is the perfect opportunity to start anew. Don't spend time teaching that old dog new tricks or the cat to sing. Email me at judy@kentwoodcity.com posted: March 11, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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