Where In The World?

Many customer service reps that receive the phone calls from the customer that pressed zero for service, have never been to Denver, Colorado or the areas surrounding the Denver area. Many have never stepped onto to US soil. These customer service reps are responding to inquiries from the various companies that require their services due to the large volume of calls received. The cable and mobile carriers rely on these services and it keeps the personal contact at a minimum. Shocking to find out that many real estate brokerage firms rely on the same call banks, but they do. Do you know which brokerage firms outsource the most important employee in the company is the employee that answers the phone? Do you really want to list your home with a company where the only contact with brokers setting showings is a receptionist that lives in Kansas City? Didn't think so! Sellers in a very volatile real estate market need the professional expertise and services of brokers that not only know the weather but know the values. Appraisers have come under scrutiny because many times an appraiser for a property is not only unfamiliar with the neighborhood but has been known to ask "Where in the world is LoHi or Country Club or Slavens?" If you live and work in Grand County, you might not know the demographics of Castle Pines Village, tough to get apprised of market activity over the last three months if you are getting a crash course in GPS! If the appraisers are under such scrutiny, it is a curiosity to them that a property in Vail may be represented by a broker in Denver or vice versa. Sellers should focus on brokers that specialize not only in the Seller's area but a brokerage company that is well represented in that area. The second cousin in Fort Collins that brokers through a national chain of brokerage firms will not have the expertise to market a home in Castle Pines Village. This is why a company such as Kentwood, locally owned with three office locations in the Denver area remains the premier real estate brokerage service! The top awards from Realtor Roundtable went to all three Kentwood offices, brokers that specialize and know Denver and brokers that refer clients to our Luxury Relocation service when the client is out of the Denver area. Kentwood's branding is nationally known, and also the relocation service offered is nationally recognized. Kentwood is affiliated with Christie's for international marketing exposure, but Kentwood is locally owned. If a broker calls to set a showing at any one of the Kentwood offices, that broker will connect with a real person that is actually at that office! Our showing desk takes pride in efficiency and professionalism, with the utmost courtesy to clients and brokers. They know where in the world your home is! "Please hold" is not an option for Erin and Gloria, the showing desk team. They also receive all the incoming calls from buyers that have located a listing from print advertising or on the web or a drive-by with a Kentwood sign. They are pros at immediately getting the correct information to the caller, essential in an ever changing market place. So if your home is already listed, this is not meant as a solicitation but an information blog. If you are thinking of buying or selling in the future, contact me at judy@kentwoodcity.com. As a fourth generation Denverite, I specialize in the neighborhoods where I have lived, Country Club, Cherry Creek, Hilltop, Park Hill and Lower Downtown. I also specialize in Castle Pines Village, twenty minutes south of Denver center, a community I called home for twenty years. If I don't specialize in your area, I am happy to refer you to a specialist from our network. posted: April 13, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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