A Wantologist

In a recent New York Times article by Arlie Russell Hochschild,ther is a new training arena for life coaches, psychologists, life trainers, motivational coaches and executive coaching, the new expanded field of wantology. It was intended to help business managers make purchasing decisions but it has morphed into a broader field that includes but is not limited to goal setting. The first premise is to think about a "want" and then ask clients if they are "floating or navigating towards the want (goal)". Also, asked is the outcome, "what do you want to feel like once you have what you want?". New field? I think not because residential realtors have been in the field of wantology since the occupation began. The first question we ask clients, whether they are planning to sell or buy is to think about the "want". Do you want to downsize or upsize? Do you want to be in your new home by a school start or the holidays? Do you want to retire in the home or do you want to sell and move in a few years? Do you want a close commute or do you want bucolic acreage? Do you want city close or do you want open spaces? Do you want the home of your dreams much as the pictured home in this blog? I can make that happen! Wantologists are now advertising their services in a variety of publications and fields. One ad states that a Wantologist is Wanted..."to help me acieve my dream gazebo", or to "help a guy with no eye for fashion shop for pants". It is outsourcing to the max but we have been outsourcing for years. As a real estate professional, a Realtor for 30 years, I have been wantologist to many a home buyer and seller, often repeat clients. My professional services include going over in detail the wants and needs of clients, searching properties or marketing properties to reach the best possible conclusion...a successful sale and a happy client. Some of the services that I provide are arranging photography, open houses, internet marketing, showings and feedback, submiting and negotiating offers, working through multiple and back-up offers, working through home inspections, meeting appraisers, coordinating with lenders, and facilitating the closing with a professional title company. All of these services are just for the sellers. Buyers have a specific set of needs that include converting the "wants" list into a successful schedule of homes to tour in a timely fashion...since the inventory is so low, "timely" is the operative word. Add to the above services, learning the names of children and pets, adjusting the wants to a variety of lifestyles, schools, recreational, spiritual and just "feel good" places. Residential real estate is not for the amateur or "want-a-be's". We are licensed and trained and re-trained to be the best wantologists out there. Next time you want to buy or sell your home, phone or email me: judy@kentwoodcitycom. I will turn wants into realized dreams. posted: May 17, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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