Do The Math

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year, a signal for Spring's arrival and new beginnings. The Chinese culture has given so much to many generations in the form of art and literature, philosophy and ancient traditions. One tradition of note is house numerology, the process to find the ideal house for your lifestyle. In house numerology, take the full house number, including an apartment or unit number, add all the numbers together and then reduce to a one digit number. One house I recently sold, 100 Detroit #501 reduces to the number 7. What do the numbers mean? A 1 House is where you would feel motivated, this house shines and the owner will always have the energy to initiate. A 2 House nurtures all kinds of relationships, "tea for two", and makes an ideal place for weddings, a perfect setting for a gazebo. A 3 House vibrates self-expression, perfect for entertaining and creativity and will do well with an expansion. A 4 House represents security with a strong foundation, the owner will succeed in this house. A 5 House represents change and movement, the residents will travel and the houe will be filled with computers and technology. A 6 House is beauty, associated with the planet Venus, this decor will express style and class. A 7 House is contemplative, a great home to build a library. The 8 House means power, money and success, its occupants would make great doctors, attorneys and high executives. The 9 House is the house of the humanitarian, with its connection to the past the house will welcome a lot of visitors, friends past and present, and will host lots of charity events. Does your house reflect your lifestyle, personality, family? Are you house hunting now, or planning a future move? Start with the right Realtor, and while you are navigating the home the math. posted: February 3, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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