Comparative Jeopardy

Watson defeats Jeopardy champions! Watson, the IBM brainchild, made international news and history by beating his human competitors, creating the dialogue that one day technology may advance ahead of human capability. In the 3 day tournament, Watson stayed cool and calm, needing neither rest nor nourishment an occasional "battery charge" and an edge over the humans. However, Watson missed a question, lacking what the human brain uses daily, comparative knowledge. Watson missed a simple question, answering..."What is Toronto", the correct answer..."What is Chicago". The question asked to name a US city that had airports named for a World War II hero and battle. If Watson had comparative knowledge he would have eliminated a Canadian city immediately, comparative jeopardy. Comparative knowledge and the emotional capacity of the human brain is what will always keep ultimate choice and decision making out of the realm of technology. In residential real estate, buyers and sellers use comparative knowledge while selecting a list price or a sale price. The internet has opened a wealth of competitive information to the real estate consumer, but it cannot think for that consumer. A comparable market analysis will compute the data, search the criteria and give the answer, but it cannot do the work. The buyer needs to tap into the emotional resources of a home purchase and use his ability to compare the knowledge that the internet makes available to make the correct choice. Another tool available to buyers and sellers is a seasoned realtor with a track record and a long list of clients. A realtor has the advantage of experience and market knowledge that will give you the competitive advantage in today's market. Specializing in the Denver area, I am your real estate connection, call me for a comparative market analysis for your area and we will put our human brains to work. posted: February 20, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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