Zenderful Chi

It has been said by many that even if you do not know what zen is, something happens when you drive down Happy Canyon Road into Castle Pines Village. The mind has that switch, where you turn the day off, the world off and you actually feel your blood pressure drop. Castle Pines Village is just south of Denver off the I 25 corridor with acres of Ponderosa pines, mountain scrub oak and breathtaking views from many of the cliffs and ridges. Located on the world reknowned Golf Club at Castle Pines is an estate home that defines zen and embodies the feng shui principle of chi. Chi is the invisible flow of energy circulating though earth and sky, man lives best when the structures he creates echo nature. By appointment only, 762 Valderrama Court was designed and appointed with the harmony of the environment. The San Francisco based architect spent days on site studying the colors from sun rise to sunset, different seasons and the changes in the mountains and sky. The blend of stone and steel, abundant use of clear story windows capturing either a ridge or a pine adds to the zen like quality of the home. This home lives in harmony with nature, giving warmth in the winter and shade during summer. A preview of the home's interior, designed by a notable Denver area professional, are posted under my Listings, watch for more photos of the exterior landscape and views as spring appears. posted: February 24, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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