Happy New Year

There are two days of the week that begin with the letter T...
Today and Tomorrow!  As many celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the tradition of beginnings, the concept of today and tomorrow is more poignant.
If we are truly living in the present with an eye forward to the future, every day should be a celebration and new beginning.
This begs the question, if you are living in the present, do you like where you live?
The housing market has been so mercurial the last few years that many households have had to make temporary changes in order to secure tomorrow.  Many homes that could not sell due to the drop in property values were rented to cover the mortgage costs.  The sellers became renters and the rental market sky rocketed along with rent prices; the demand seized the supply.  The sellers/renters took on the concept of a temporary "today" in order to create a better tomorrow.  Tomorrow has arrived, the property values have seen a steady rise with continued low interest rates, and the rental market continues its super competitive edge.  Today and tomorrow have arrived, it is time to move.
Seize today!  Take the inventory and decide if you are living exactly how you want to live and where you want to live.  If not, contact me for the opportunity to see the marketplace.  I am available today and tomorrow.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller, I have the knowledge, expertise and skill sets that will help you maneuver through the process. If you have an agency relationship this is not meant as a solicitation but a congratutlations;  working with a professional Realtor is the first step.
Browse this website for information of the array of homes that I have listed for sale, and the other great resource is my company website: www.denverrealestate.com.
Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties

posted: September 17, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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