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In a recent article by Lynn Yaeger in the New York Times,  the focus is not on the home "make-over" but the "make-under", or when to leave well enough alone.  Part of the charm in so many homes is not what to remodel but how to remodel without looking, well, remodelled.  This is the ultimate facelift, when friends and family discuss how rested you look as opposed to how much work you have had done. The secret is in the sauce.

Since the home building boom screeched to a halt a few years back, home buyers have found it necessary to consider homes built during decades that have long past.  In a charming area such as Washington Park, many homes are now being considered too good to scrape because buyers don't want to lose the look of the neighborhood that has brimmed with the Denver bungalow.  Most homes in the area have no off-street parking, either built without a brick and cold one car garage or the garage became part of a renovation that created an extra bedroom or workshop or artist studio.  The residents of Washington Park don't really expect much in the way of off-street parking, a parking pad in the backyard will usually suffice as long as the pad doesn't mess with the patina of the well worn sidewalk or exposed brick walls.  It is as if the neighbors would wish spray dirt in a can, make the new residence or addition look as if it had been there from the beginning.

The make-under is the new trend in many urban areas.  The big box replacements of charming homes that were part of the neighborhood's history are not the urban chic once desired.  The uber buyer would rather buy the sub-zero refrigerator then have the manufacturer's doors replaced with period door fronts.  The hardwood floors are meticulously reconditioned to leave the story there.

If you would like to see a past perfect home in the Washington Park area, visit the 245 South Lafayette Open House on Sunday, October 14, from 2 to 4.

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