Have Them From Hello

The most oft heard comment when feedback is given for a house preview or showing is "stage".  Staging the home is one of the most important steps in getting a home sold, falling just short of listing the house for sale.  A well staged home literally upstages any negative aspects of a home such as floor plan or traffic sounds and will engage the buyer to spend more time in the home.  Once that front door opens, you need to have them from "hello".

Staging a home is less difficult than one would presume.  Obviously if the home is for sale, the seller is moving so the first step is to start packing.  Early packing is key, choose what you will not move and either donate or dispose.  Remove is the new normal, the operative word!

An easy place to stage is the kitchen,it is the most seductive room in the house and you are there nearly three times a day so it is easy to give it a fresh look.  The operative word for a well staged kitchen is fresh.  Clean to spotless counters with little to nothing on display but a fresh bowl of crisp apples!  Make sure that all the cupboards are organized, and all the chipped or well-used dishware are removed.  Buyers test drive the cabinets, cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, it is an inviting visual.  Does your cutlery drawer seduce?  It is not hard to achieve through a local container or hardware store.   

Less is more when staging the kitchen, if the coffee maker is used everyday then find a time-out hidden storage area for that pot to rest while the home is on the market.  This same rule measures out for the food processor, toaster and any other small counter top appliance.  If replacing appliances is not within your home sale budget, then spend a little extra time and elbow work giving the elderly appliance a make-over.,  there are many products available to spit and shine an old stove top.  Buyers will notice the cleanliness of a room more than the age of the appliance.  And lastly, the smell test rules, from the front door to the back door.  While your home is on the market, the trash cans should be emptied everyday and the food preparation should be sensitive to what will permeate the next day.  If you can, grill out or eat out (especially if you favor ethnic foods).  The smell test also applies to the everyday habits of the family pets, and pet odors will travel and linger as long as the unwanted houseguest.  The same rule holds true for manufactured air freshners, often sending the wrong scent and message.

On the warm late autumn days, open the windows often and keep the cleaning items handy.  You will not get weary of these tasks, a well staged home usually sells quickly.

For more information on staging your home for sale or the process of selling and buying residential real estate don't hesitate to contact me at judy@kentwoodcity.com .  I have been serving buyers and sellers in the Denver metro area for thirty years, often with repeat clients.

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties
posted: November 5, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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