Digital Glossary

Are you a Digital Native or a Digital Immigrant?  If you grew up in a household that was digital, via computers or cell phones, you are a Digital Native.  That would probably give way to your chronological age as well, early thirties and under.  That puts a large group of the adult population in the Digital Immigrant category, those who needed to adapt to digital technology or just technology.  Have you ever called a teenager for advice on how to upload an app?  Perhaps your grandchildren are more adept at sending your info to Icloud than your spouse or co-worker.  The digital age has not only arrived but is has thrived, and if you are not in the game it is time to get in the game.

Fact:  we spend 2.7 hours a day socializing on a mobile device.  One in five couples meet online and one in five divorces are blamed on Facebook.  Google is the number one search engine and YouTube is number two.  In real estate Zillow, Trulia and Yahoo are the top search engines.
With that said, it is time to explore Trulia and Zillow and the world of real estate.

A recent client has shown some interest in a condo purchase in a building that currently has no condos listed for sale.  This client went on a website that clearly displayed 12 condos for sale in that same building so we investigated.  Turns out, the website was 100 percent incorrect, the condos listed on the site were either expired listings or withdrawn.  There were no current active listings in that particular building.  Reportedly Zillow is off by 100 percent each day.  The new term for that in the digital glossary is a "Zestimate" which is very closely related to the "Guesstimate" that a neighbor or friend would give you on the value of your home at a holiday party. 
This is important information for the Digital Immigrants as they travel from the PC age (personal computer) to the post PC age with Ipads, Notebooks, Iphones and all sorts of smart devices that fit in your pocket, purses and small cases.
Much of the information you will receive on the purchase or sale of real estate will be sent through a smart device, digitally and without one tree sacrificed.

On a light note, some of the new Digital glossary terms creeping into the our vocabulary are Selfie (a self portrait taken for the purpose of posting on-line) Greentape (environmental regulations of an excessive nature) Adultescent (one who retains the many characteristics of adolescence) and Fitspo (self-explanatory).

Are you working with a real estate broker that is up to speed, digital and ready to assist you in a true estimate for the information that you need in order to make the right decisions?  Contact for more information on the value of working with a Realtor, with one hundred percent access to the Metrolist data that is accurate and timely.  Don't rely on the Zestimates of other websites.

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties posted: November 20, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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