My Daddy's Husband

....the response from my two year old grandaughter to the question, "Who is fixing dinner?"  At two she understands multi-tasking as her father was doting and playing with her while giving his wife a much needed post holiday break from the kitchen.  He truly was multi- tasking ... daddy/husband.

If we counted the number of times during the day that we multi-task we would need the pedometer gadget that counts the steps you take per day.  The simple task of eating breakfast becomes a multi-task if you are reading a newspaper and watching a morning show.  Factor in the smart phone, and the multi-tasking grows.  The new Iphone 5 multi-tasks itself!  You can literally surf the web while conducting a phone conversation.   We now judge our daily productivity by the number of tasks we accomplish.  Exhausted yet?

The high technology age is the new normal, yet if we do not carve out a special time or spot to clear the air and smell the roses, we will be moving through this life at warped speed.
This is where the true meaning and value of a "home" comes into play.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday, many Americans travelled miles to get back to the place they call "home" and many welcomed family and friends back "home".  Home is the cornerstone of the American family, in all its shapes and dimensions, and it continues to be the cornerstone of American society.  It is usually the largest asset in a family's portfolio, both financially and emotionally, the ultimate multi-tasker for the family.  Does your home measure up?

The Denver area housing market continues its strength during the recovery.  Many areas are showing record low inventory and multiple offers are common ( the Xgames in  multi-tasking for the listing agent).  With low interest rates and more lenders lending, there has never been a better time to purchase a home or consider a move vertically, horizontally or to downsize.

Contact me for more information on buying or selling your home.  I specialize in the Denver area markets that include Washington Park (my listing... sale pending), Cherry Creek, Country Club and Hilltop as well as Castle Pines Village (my lisitng... sale pending).  I have been multi-tasking in Denver's real estate market for over thirty years.
Kentwood City Properties posted: November 26, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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