The Bigs

Over the latte at the local coffe bars the conversation was the general state of affairs on the court, it appears that everyone's "bracket" is lopsided...the Bigs are gone. The Bigs are the coaches that lead their schools to the Final Four generally every year or at a minimum every other year. This year, the Bigs such as Duke, Vanderbilt, Louisville, Purdue, Gonzaga along with their players are going on an early spring break. There are a few Bigs left, but not as many so the brackets are weak. The same scenario played out in the real estate market over the last few years. Some of the Bigs have either been sold, closed or restructured to be able to stay in the game. In a tough market, a buyer or seller needs to connect with a Big company with the presence, marketing expertise, solid foundation and the most successful and professional brokers. The Kentwood Company is the Big in residential real estate in Denver. Kentwood is locally owned, and Kentwood City Properties posted its best year since it opened, yes, in 2010! So get in the game, go with the bigs and be a winner. Judy Fahrenkrog, Kentwood City Properties. posted: March 25, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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