Stage Right

One could argue that Sophia Loren is the perfect example of the Italian phrase or obsession "fare bella figura", but in fact since it is an obsession, most Italians are examples.  "Fare bella figura" means to make a good all times.  Italians never go out shopping or running errands without looking presentable, you will never see an Italian in work-out clothes or sweats in the market or anywhere outside the gym.  Even the waste management personnel in Rome wear uniforms that look very Prada, complete with knee high boots that could make the cover of Vogue.   Italians take great care in that first impression, they inherently know that it sets the stage.

In a competitive real estate market, staging is now the first step in marketing a home.  When buyers walk through the front door, a well staged home sets the tone for the length of time for the visit, the target price for an offer, even setting the stage for the inspection process.  There is nothing more distracting to a buyer than to be expected to "see past" the clutter or the family photos or the shelves of souvenirs.  Buyers want to see themselves in the home as owners of the home, not spontaneous guests.

What constitutes staging...right?  A good stager will visit the home then not only decide which pieces of furniture and art stay, but where they should be placed.  The movement of furniture in the home or out of the home may be uncomfortable for some sellers, but the goal is the verb within the noun...sell.

Prior to the appointment with a professional stager, most work on an hourly rate,  do some of the leg work in advance.
For instance, the kitchen pantry should be cleared.  Most of the shelves in the pantry should be bare and wiped clean.  It not only gives the appearance of space but it sets the tone for the cleanliness of the home.  Along with the pantry, take an overview of the home and set the move in motion.  If you are not going to move an item to a new location, get rid of the item prior to the staging appointment.  If you plan to move items such as family photos or souvenirs, box them for the move immediately,  the stager will always make that suggestion so you will be saving time and money if you accomplish that task prior to the staging appointment. 

The Denver area real estate market is positive, sellers are beginning to see a rise in values and the return of the long forgotten word "home equity".  If you plan to market your home to sell, give it a chance.  Allow your home the opportunity to make that good impression, fare bella figura.

If you are interested in the value of your home in today's rising marketplace, don't hesitate to send me an email or call.  I would be happy to walk through a market analysis of the sales in your neighborhood as well as a walk through of your home for marketing suggestions.

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties
email: posted: January 23, 2013 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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