Among Friends

"It's been said that everlasting friends can go long periods of time without speaking and never question the friendship. These friends pick up as if they just spoke yesterday, regardless of how long it's been or how far away they are. They understand that life's busy and you'll always love them." a Facebook profile post. Friends from the past, friends forever akin to neighborhoods from the past. Have you walked through your childhood neighborhood lately? Changed of course, but still so familiar in so many ways. Growing up in Park Hill was not only blissful and blessed, and the bonus is that it is unchanged thanks to some very forward thinking developers and city planners. A stretch of Park Hill, from City Park at Colorado Boulevard and Montview Boulevard to Monaco Parkway and Seventeenth Avenue and as far south as Colfax Avenue, was known as the Downington neighborhood in the "Roaring Twenties". The neighborhood was a planned development, the names of the streets; e.g. Forest, Grape, Elm and Boulevard and Parkway were deliberate, it was to be an extension of a beautiful park dotted by homes. The original brochure featured Forest Parkway and Seventeenth Avenue Parkway, at the time a stretch of prairie grass but with a development plan for large elms and spruce. Childhood memories consist of walking from Montview and Bellaire (the air was indeed bella) to the elementary schools on Elm, both public and parochial, and on to the candy store or the grandparents house for after school treats. Crunching leaves underneath our feet in the fall and blossoms of pompoms and lilacs in the spring while we raced around the trunks of elm trees filled with childhood make believe became our play dates. They were our friends, old friends. This neighborhood has not changed, the classic architecture and craftsman construction are tributes to the artisans and designers and they remain little changed, like old friends. Take a tour of this majestic neighborhood and meet a few of my friends, on bicycle or on foot. Sunday, May 15th, Kentwood City Properties is hosting a B Cycle tour of Park Hill. For more information phone us at 303-820-2489 or email Bring a friend! posted: April 6, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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