Change Optimists

"People who resist change are either very naive or very wise". This profound statement was spoken by the Chinese philosopher, Confucius. Most of us are somewhat in between, neither wise nor naive, nor resistant to change because we are change optimists. Necessity forces us to adjust to change throughout our lives. Our family dynamics are in a constant state of change through marriage and partnerships, kids coming and going, career paths and ultimately residences. Many feel that change is good, these are the change optimists as the change is viewed as growth, the journey of life. Others fear change and become somewhat stuck in the middle. The phrase "stuck in the eighties" connotes many images from our sense of style to our sense of technology. We picture suits with shoulder pads, sedans with phone consoles and television sets that houses were built around. Viewing the world as a change optimist is the challenge. Are you looking for a "fifties ranch style home" or a "mid-century modern"? Is your video library a VHS or an IPAD, skis long and narrow or a shaped dynamic? Optimistically changing the perspective, becoming unstuck is the journey of the change optimist. Spring is a great season to become a change optimist. The renewed energy from nature's rebirth inspires change. Take an inventory this spring of the change that is needed. Being stuck is the direct opposite of change, and the only way to become un-stuck is to move. Let's move! posted: April 10, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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