Card Carrying Realtor

Changes have been made to the normal business model in real estate, ZOOM first showings, virtual walk trhoughs, virtual closings, personal protective equipment for Buyers and Brokers and now, official mic drop, a  vaccination card carrying Realtor.  You read it here first!  The ultimate in realtor confidence will be the proof in the vaccine pudding. 
Buyers will now feel the ultimate confidence in a safe and healthy buying experience while touring the inventory, and Sellers will feel most relieved knowing that the Realtor that is in their home managing photo shoots, hosting open houses, being present at showings and meeting appraisers and inspectors has proof of vaccination.

What?  You mean your Realtor doesn't personally arrive at your home that is listed for showings?  How does the story of the home get told?  Or, your Realtor did not meet the appraiser for the appraisal of your home's Buy Sell contract with comparative analysis comps?  And, please tell me no to the next question...was a  lIcensed personal assistant handling the entire process on either the buy side or sell side because the Realtor you hired has too much production to handle the leg work?   If the only time your Realtor had eyes on you, and the property you are buying or selling, was during the first appointment, perhaps you need to look into a more personalized experience.

One might question why it is necessary to have such white glove treatment during a robust residential market and personalized service from the first appointment to the closing table.  Have you ever heard of Buyer's Remorse?  The market is beginning to see many homes, lots and condos returning to the market due to lack of market knowledge, lack of exposure to the area ...aka..."you mean I-70 runs right through the entire Valley?".  Also, many Sellers have remorse in the fact that their property sold below what the property is flipping for today.  Many of the remorse issues can be avoided by choice, and choosing the right Realtor is the right choice.  There are a lot of agents that are not card carrying Realtors, a membership in the National Association of Realtors, Colorado Association of Realtors and Denver Metro Associaiton of Realtors.  These memberships not only provide information and support for the real estate industry in general  but membership requires a mandatory ethics course to insure that the consumer is receiving best business practices. 
Ask for the card!

If you would like to review your real estate needs, I have specialized in the Denver Metro market for over 30 years and as a fourth generation Denver native, I know Denver.

Judy Fahrenkrog
LIV Sothebys International Realty
  posted: February 5, 2021
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How Low Can You Go?

Well, it seemed that below 3 % was a new low but now we are below 2 % and that is a record breaking low, and I am not talking snowfall water content in January.  It is a wonderful 1.99% ina 15 year conventional loan and that is an amazing low.  Mix this new low with the incredibly low inventory in the residential market and you have what we call a Buyer's Bustin Market, or at least in the West that is what we call this market and the Denver metro area is in the West.
 Take me out to the Ballgame!  
When looking at the active residential listings in the Denver area, the neighborhoods differ and many of the amazing purchases can be found in the downtown area and in the condo sector.  You may ask why or you may have guessed that condo and deep urban living lost a bit of the shimmer and shine during 2020 when the cities went quiet and the shops, restaurants, museums, gyms and sports venues went silent but that was 2020 and this is 2021.  The lights are coming back on and the amenities are thoughtfully re opening with low capacity, but opening.  As we move through 2021 and find the pulse of the city begin the low beats of a distant drummer, the desire to dance to that beat will begin anew and  
urban dwellers will begin to flow and get as in downtown.  The inventory will rise at the same pace as the list prices and the interest rates, so don't miss this opportunity to get in while it is low, 

Bor all your real estate me at
Judy Fahrenkrog
LIV Sotheby's International Realty
100 St. Paul St
Denver, CO 80206
303-888-4760 posted: January 26, 2021
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January in Denver and we have Blossoms, of light that is.  The Denver Botanic Gardens hosts a magnificent light show every night from the Thanksgiving holiday weekend through the December festivities and into mid January.  It is appropriately called Blossoms of Light!
The most incredible aspect of this beautiful lighting production is that during 2020 and into 2021 the event is completely outdoors with plenty of social distancing.  The show begins at dusk, highly recommend the 5:00 time slot as one can walk through the Gardens under a spectacular Denver sunset sky while the lights come to life.  The beauty is so awe inspiring that it takes about an hour to walk the path even when the nights are below the freezing mark.

So Bundle Up and Mask Up Denver!  Don't miss this spectacular feature and amenity for living in the city.  Also, if you are travelling to or from the glorious mountains for winter sports activities, schedule an evening pre or post vacay and enjoy one of the great hotels in Cherry Creek North, they have managed the restrictions well and have stayed open!

For more information on Blossoms of Light or for any of your real estate needs in the Denver metro area, contact me.  I specialize in putting Buyers and Sellers together!

Judy Fahrenkrog
LIV Sothebys International Realty
  posted: January 13, 2021
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Historic Victorian In Wash Park

Unique, Historic and a little Aspen In The City!
245 South Lafayette...East Washington Park is now For Sale!

This 1921 piece of beautiful architecture both in structure and gardenscape is rarely seen in Denver and more importantly the beautiful Washington Park area.  Most of the historic homes have been scraped or remodelled beyond recognition of any historic value unlike the wonderful historic Victorians in  the mountain town of Aspen, thanks to the Bauhaus movement.

What you say?  The Bauhaus movement, (?) which is celebrating the centennial of the famed art school and movement that was founded by architect Walter Gropius in 1919 in Germany and is known for its modernism design.  Yes, that same Walter Gropius and his Bauhaus movement found its way to Aspen through industrial/capitalist Walter Paepcke by invitation to visit the former mining town turned ski resort in the summer of 1945.  Paepcke was also embracing one of Gropius' former art students, Walter Bayer and the rest is, design, culture and the Bauhaus movement found its way to Aspen, Colorado.  According to journalist Andrew Travers of the Aspen Times, Paepcke and Gropius urged the Aspenites at a town meeting to develop a long range Bauhaus service-based plan that would find roots in the culture and traditions of the residents while fostering physical, mental, and spiritual well being.  Gropius called for preserving the original and near ruined Victorian homes from the mining era.  Gropius was quoted at the meeting...
"Restore the best of the old, but if you build, build new,".

Thus we have the wonderful neighborhood of preserved and restored Victorians near the Fritz Benedict music tent and Anderson Park in the West End of Aspen...priceless.

Fast forward to Denver, Washington Park and 245 South Lafayette.  Unique in that it is one of the few Victorians left and sits back among the Aspen trees on a 6240 square foot professionally landscaped lot with an additional 110 square foot Artist Casita, the perfect atelier.  This is the perfect example of the thoughtful mission statement of Gropius and the Bauhaus movement...function, culture, traditions of residents and the nurturing of physical, mental and spititual well being.

The property is located a block and one half from the Boat House at Washington Park, a block from restaurants and coffee shops, a few blocks from the Cherry Creek hiking and biking trail and convenient to public transportation.  One of the most highly sought after neighborhoods in Denver with a rare piece of history.

Don't miss this opportunity to own.
 For more information email Judy Fahrenkrog at

Very little is needed to make a happy life.  As a recognized and experienced leader in the Denver real estate market, Judy specializes in lifestyle change and life transitions.  Now is the time to make the change and live the good life.
  posted: June 24, 2019
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Personal Best

A personal best for attaining the highest price per square foot in Castle Pines Village...with the help of a fabulous home at #70Indigo Way!  This architectural gem sits on the legendary 10th fairway of the prestigious Castle Pines Village Golf Club.
A true custom design with an open and flowing floor plan that lends to dramatic entertaining.  Exceptional design and construction features including Lock and Slide doors, radiant floor heating, wide plank walnut floors, elevator, custom wine room, two master bedroom suites, hidden vault, rock and calcite lighting details, soaring ceilings and skylights with clerestory windows.  

This is the third home planned and designed by the Sellers and the third home sold by this broker.  Success breeds success and loyalty reigns.  With this combination, the Sellers received the Sotheby's brand of extensive marketing and exposure along with total commitment and hard work on the part of the Sotheby's brokers....did I mention this was co-listed and the buyer brokers are Sotheby's agents as well.

If you want more information on Selling or Buying a home and the chance to experience the Sotheby's brand, contact me.
Judy Fahrenkrog
255 Clayton St #100north
Denver, CO 80206

#LIV the life you love... achieve your personal best.
  posted: March 13, 2019
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More Is More

Brace yourself, or embrace yourself and the new trend of more is more.  After a decade of post recession minimalist design styles in fashion, interiors and all things consumed, the new trend is to max it out and this trend is showing up.  Fashion Week internationally revived the maxi shoulders and lengths for Fall and Spring.  Designers are mixing patterns, textures and jewelry from ready to wear to custom design.  And this trend is sparking new energy in the interior design world, florals and brocades, abundant wallpapers and bright hues in color are back and bigger than ever.  Let's hope you did not give away the tassles and  tufted pillows, because all things big, fluffy and glam are back.

The Maximalist trend is international and the one spot that shows it proudly is at Annabel's in London.  The exclusive member's only club is three stories with a disco in the basement.  There are more animal prints than there are animals in the world and in every room, wallpapers abound even on the ceilings.  Themes from African safari to East Indian/Asian mingle through potted palms and blown glass Italian chandeliers, exquisite bone china and cut crystal table settings,  bars that are backlit onyx with tufted bar stools and vested waiters tend to every whimsical need of the elite clientele.  This is eye candy on steroids, and I was fortunate enough to experience this gem in person...check out my photos on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information on trending styles in real estate, contact me at  I am available to assist you with all your real estate needs and will coordinate designers and specialist in the architectural, interior design and fashion industry.  You only live once so LIV IT WELL.

Judy Fahrenkrog
255 Clayton St Suite 100
Denver, CO 80206

  posted: November 5, 2018
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The New American Dream House

There is the Good News and there is always the Bad News.

 For all you McMansion lovers, developer-designed architectural disaster divas, bedroom,bathroom and oversize quantity qualifiers, maximalists in every sense...this is the Bad News.  The next generation aka Next Gen is not looking for that home design so if you own a home with less than four bedrooms, perhaps two master suites that are on different levels and horizontally distant you have a WINNER.
The facts, according to Candace Jackson's opinion in the NYT the millennial's new American dream home is an architectural design that will fluctuate in need and space.
For example, the millennial is looking for a home with an office and in addition to the master bedroom suite, an additional suite that can become a rentable Airbnb unit.
The need for a large garage is more minimalized, the new want is a carport that can transform to an outdoor entertaining space.  This generation not only travels light, but they live light.

Why the shift?  Millennials are the next generation that grew up during the housing recession where they saw the personal/family wealth of many vanish overnight.  This is the generation that saw For Sale signs morph into Foreclosure signs and half built McMansions in developer planned communities linger for months.  This generation wasn't old enough to buy the "see-through" homes that became Buyer steals, but they were old enough for the big take away on buying a dream house. The Next Gen dream house is the house you never have to leave.

Major builders are looking to this large group as their future consumer so they are adjusting the old McMansion plan for an "architect" designed plan that includes flexibility with a focus on outdoor living as well as rentable space.  The kitchen space for this generation is sleek, functional open to the entertaining areas of the home.  The traditional dining and living rooms are not wanted nor needed by this group of keeping it simple buyers.  

So, if you have or are planning to design a new home, keep your future buyer in the mind of your architect.  Put the "American Gothic" on the back burner because the generation after the Millennials may want just that.

For more information on the ever changing and fluctuating housing market, contact me.  I have worked with Buyers and Sellers in the greater Denver area for over 30 years.

Judy Fahrenkrog
LIV Sotheby's International Realty
Mile Hi Modern
255 Clayton St #100
Denver, CO 80206
  posted: October 15, 2018
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Game Changer

Millennials and Baby Boomers are more alike than different!  Seriously check the facts:

 MILLENNIALS are the fastest growing sector of our population in the area of financial success, and many are already on their second or third homes. They know how to buy right and sell, they are not necessarily looking for the "forever" home.

BABY BOOMERS have been the population of seeking and finding financial success, they have lived and learned through a couple of recessions so they know how to buy right and sell Baby Boomers are already on their second or third homes, many owning second and third homes simultaneously.

MILLENNIALS insist on a design concept with an open floor plan and great spaces for entertaining family and friends.  This is a must have on the Buyer list for this group.  The formal concept of separated living and dining rooms is archaic to the millennial population.
BABY BOOMERS have lived in the traditional formal homes with separated living and dining rooms, they have sold the china cabinets along with the china.  This population of empty nesters with big bucket lists are driven towards the open floor plan ideal for lots of entertaining since  they have the time.   They want to see their guests while cooking or wine tasting, casual living is a high priority.

MILLENNIALS are the new workforce with global reach and remote workspaces.  This population will seek jobs that allow opportunities to work from home, they are not commuters.  Top on the Buyer need list is a home with a separate office or work space that is large enough to accomplish the "at home" office needs.

BABY BOOMERS do not need nor want to travel to the office, they have been there and checked it off the list.  The must have for this group of Buyers is the separate home office that has the capability to look and feel like the big office they just left.

MILLENNIALS seek a home that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.  They see the value in timeless design and materials and are moving away from "trendy". 

BABY BOOMERS want a home that exudes timeless design and are prone to choosing homes with organic materials rather than pre-fabricated designs and materials.  This group wants a home that blends into the environment that it lives  in rather than a home that pops "nouveau" .  Again, this group has nothing to prove, they have already done that.

So, let me set. your intention back to the common ground of the millennial and baby boomer generations because this is the Game Changer.  Millennials and Baby Boomers want the same style home, and will remodel to achieve that or line up with other Buyers to win that design.

Available in Castle Pines Village is the perfect Game Changer.  The custom home on 70 Indigo Way, along the 10th fairway of the Castle Pines Golf Club and designed by John Knudsen brings all the elements together.  A large open floor plan, ideal for entertaining with large decks, lock and slide vanishing doors, abundant use of marbles, woods, granites, and stones;  soaring ceilings and skylights make it the number one home in the Village.  Check out the photos on this website or
70 Indigo Way

For more information on this home  email me at posted: August 23, 2018
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Seventy Indigo Way will not only be featured in the Sunday Denver Post real estate section...twice indeed...but it will be the house to see at the Castle Pines Village Homes Tour on Sunday, June 24,  between 1 to 4 pm.

Seventy Indigo Way or #seventy is a stunning custom home designed by architect John Knudsen and built in 2009.  Set back approximately 60 feet from the road, on 1.57 acres, the design reflects a contemporary aesthetic that blends the organics of the natural beauty of the surroundings.  The premier location is in the heart of the original village with custom homes not less than one acre sites.  Buffered from the feeder roads into Castle Pines by open space of the rocky ridge below the Cliffs and the dramatic first twelve holes of the Golf Club at Caslte Pines, traffic problems only occur when the hummingbirds migrate back in the summer 

The bespoke constructionof #seventy blends all the organics that symbolize Colorado and the Colorado lifestyle.  Superior materials include, walnut and alder woods, locally. quarried stone, granites and meticulous metal work.  The statement calcite back lit sconces on the rock fireplace wall were a collaboration between the homeowner/designer and the sculptor just south of Castle Pines Village.  Lock and Slide phantom doors in the great room blur the lines between interior and exterior.  Both inviting and entertaining, the great room challenges with duelling fireplaces and comfort seating, but the push/pull of the home occurs with the walk-our level walk-in wine cellar and tasting area.  Champagne problems!

We invite you to not miss this unique opportunity to see this exceptional luxury home, right on the #one handicap hole of the infamous Castle Pines Golf Club's International course and the chance to enter and tour around Castle Pines Village without prior appointment.

Located just 15 minutes south of the Denver Tech Center, and 10 minutes from the Park Meadows Mall shopping/dining area.  Take I-25 south to exit 187, Happy Canyon Road.  
Turn right at the first round-about and enter the main gate for Tour Maps.

Castle Pines Village is a gated community with 24 hour Emergency services and attended gate houses.  The community is home to two Jack Nicklaus private 18 hole golf clubs, the Golf Club at Castle Pines and the Country Club at Castle Pines.  There are three swimming pools, tennis courts, work out facility, hiking and biking trails, and an active and informed community with book clubs, bridge-mahjong-bunko clubs, garden clubs, birding clubs and social clubs.  If you can't find it here it doesn't exist.

Castle Pines, where Denver becomes Colorado again.

See you soon at #seventy

For more information contact:
  posted: June 23, 2018
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Mile Hi Rankings

It is not a surprise that Denver usually takes the number one spot in the USA for the most fit city, but did you know that we ranked "numero uno" as the top metro for small business employment beating out Seattle, Houston and Dallas.  We also topped out in the highest increase in skilled labot knocking out Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston and Portland.

If you look at win, place and show...we landed the show spot in the best place to live in the USA, falling behind Austin and our neighbor to the south Colorado Springs...which is a real surprise to Denverites!  We are the third fastest growing large city, no surprise to the commuters out there and the fourth most exciting food city in America, beaten by LA, Austin and Chicago...I agree but there wasn't a craft beer category.

Business and careers rank Denver as fourth, that number could change soon if a major company makes a move to Denver.  My favorite category was best city for working women and Denver landed at fourth place, exciting that Denver is embracing the female work force.

These stats are provided by the Downtown Denver Partnership.

For more information on what Denver has to offer contact me at posted: June 11, 2018
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