Friends With Benefits

A recent 5280 Magazine article poked some fun at the Urbanite vs Suburbanite, or City Mouse vs Country Mouse. Many of the differences are obvious, for example a 20 minute drive for the Suburbanite is a daily occurence, many times twice daily and for the Urbanite it requires an overnight bag. The bicycle is eco-friendly and now super convenient with the BCycle Share program for the City Mouse. The bicycle for the Country Mouse is serious exercise dedication, a Tour de Workout. Take-out dinner? Not so simple for the Country Mouse, but the options are expanding. Take-out for the City Mouse is a challenge in the simple task of getting to a short list. The lifestyles are indeed varied and separate but having been both a Country Mouse, Castle Pines Village, and a City Mouse, Cherry Creek North it is the best of both worlds. Two different communities bringing out the best of the Colorado lifestyle, friends with benefits. For more information about these communities or others in the metro Denver area connect with I can find that pied a terre that is the perfect "city fix" or the estate home on a major league golf course. Choose one or the other or both! posted: April 25, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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