March Myths and Madness

Top seed in March is not necessarily a term for the early spring gardner.  A top seed is the reference to the "most likely" team to proceed to the Big Dance Marching On to the Final Four, but that is just a myth and the madness.  Many of the top seed coaches are back home throwing that other top seed around.  Truly one of the greatest myths of March is the perfect bracket, but one of the other mystifying rumors is that March is the perfect time to sell a home, which leads to buyer and seller madness.

March does trump the hibernating months, and March is still half in and half out of winter, and the selling season.  Bringing a property to market in March does not always guarantee the perfect bracket.  It does give the home early exposure and is a wonderful month for spring cleaning the home, inside and out.  The selling market is active, over active in a price range under 400,000, but buyers are still as particular as ever and the lenders and appraisers do not suffer fools when it comes to market reality. So if you need a spring sale, March is the month to launch but keep the madness at bay if you find yourself into April, which is when the other March Madness officially ends.

Myth alerts and St Joseph:
Bury the statue upside down next to the sign?
Bury it next to your door step facing away from the home?
Bury it next to the street facing towards the home?
Bury it 8 inches deep versus 3 feet deep?
Put one on a shelf in your condo?
What to do?

When thinking of buying or selling a home, contact a Realtor, an active member of the local and national Board of Realtors.
The list of requirements to keep that status active is lengthy and includes yearly courses to update contracts, legal changes in laws and practices, and ethics courses.  There are many options out there, including the St Joseph statue, choose wisely.  Choose a Realtor

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties
Realtor/ Broker Associate
  posted: March 23, 2015 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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