The Big Clean

Spring has arrived!  A Cleanse the Nest Shout Out to all domestic engineers, or maybe just unecessary pressure?
Help is on the way, and it isn't in the form of the Merry Maid Posse.

A series of three very informative and fun evenings explore the idea of the BIg Clean.  Whether you are "right-sizing" your current home, "down-sizing" to a smaller and perhaps one level home or condominium, or transferring the wealth to the next generation, the realization that you have accumulated too much stuff becomes daunting.  As the comedian George Carlin quipped, Americans tend to spend the week buying stuff that they sell in their yards on the weekend!  Comedic relief aside, baby-boomers have acquired too much stuff and the millenials are moving to panic mode with a future that bodes of inheriting either the goods or the problem.  You think those millenials are tough inside your refrigerator?  Wait until they get into your closet!

The first series was held on Tuesday, appropriately March 31 because the next morning attendees peered into their closets  and thought ...."April Fool"!  Three speakers discussed solutions for "too much stuff".  Susie Houston and Brooke Hecht, a mother/daughter team, are professionals in the solutions to moving or right sizing.  Their mission statement is clear, "we organize your home one drawer, one room, at a time..."  They actually reversed the notion that you need to spring clean the closet in one afternoon.  Susie is known for quipping the obvious as in her  "The fastest way to get to the end is to BEGIN" mantra.  Some of their suggestions were clear and not over whelming.  If you are preparing for a move, pick a room and go one drawer at a time even if it is just one drawer in an afternoon.  If that is overwhelming, call them and they will whip through your home in a nano second, one drawer at a time.  They are also experts in fashion and can help or wean you away from that 20 year old ball gown or designer suit that you have been sure you will wear again if you lose 5 pounds or if it comes back into style. 

The third speaker was Leigh Dyer of In Dire Need Professional Organizing.  Leigh not only helps clients downsize, move or right size but she is a professional that will organize your office, your files, your life!  Leigh has the energy and patience to transition the most complicated areas of a person's life to sleek, simple and stress free.  Leigh had many easy tips for keeping the pared down new you in shape  so the clutter monsters don't invade the home again.  

Leigh has a  list of resources for removing the "stuff" you do not need.  For instance, the Denver Dumb Friends League will take old blankets, pillows, towels and sheets and  dry cleaners will take and recycle wire hangers, which you will have plenty of after your closet purge.

You can imagine what fun we had!  The second series will focus on appriasing fine art, jewelry, china and silver with experts in the appraisal field and also a professional estate sale consultant will be on hand to help with the task of selling what you don't need or what the next generation does not want.  The second session will be held in late April so contact me for details.  The series is being hosted by myself and Devvy Altman and Hanne Lichtenfels, seasoned brokers of Kentwood City Properties.

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