Self Helpless

We are all guilty of this...self diagnosing a medical ailment by clicking on Google.  I have diagnosed myself with a multitude of chronic illnesses from the research gleaned on the web.  It's a wonder I get around these days.  Fortunately the local pharmacists are wise enough to steer clear of the "self helpless" and suggest a professional doctor, and not the pretty ones on  morning news shows wearing sleevelss dresses in frigid February.  The referral is to a trained, licensed medical doctor that can actually make time in their day to physically see you and then utilize  years of medical training and experience to help the helpless. 
The Internet is and will always be a credible tool for everyone, but the game changer today is the lost syndication rights for both Zillow and Trulia.  That's right folks, the information that was often misleading and incorrect is going to get a lot more silly.  ListHub and the Denver metro area MLS system has said "bye-bye" to the two sites used frequently; they will not have access to the information.  No worries, getting the right and correct information for the purchase or sale of a home isn't critical.  I mean it's not like mis-diagnosing something chronic....right?  Actually, wrong!

Check it out:

Getting the correct information in this tricky Denver market is critical.  Don't be fooled by what you find on your own, help yourself to a Realtor, someone educated and experienced in residential real estate in your local market.

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties
  posted: April 15, 2015 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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