If You Lived Here

....you would be home now!  Truly, if you lived in Denver or anywhere in Colorado, you would not only be home now but you would be living now!  Colorful Colorado is a spectacular state, if not the most spectacular state amongst the 49 contenders. Name a state that can hold the trifecta on Memorial weekend...the trifecta/hat trick being a few quick ski or shredding runs in the morning (Arapahoe Basin is still running lifts daily), a round of golf mid day and fly fishing in the early evening.  Three of the many activities that can be enjoyed during the merry month.  You can also bike to each activity, or take a hike from one to the other.  This is one of the most physically fit states in the nation and it is not a result of the altitude but may be the attitude.  If you lived here you would adjust to both quickly.  They say we are not a "cow town" anymore, but then again we are!  Let's just say it's a Cown Town With Attitude!

The Denver Post ran a Summer Getaways magazine on Sunday, May 17th and listed Easy Day Trips from Denver, all unique and offering the full Colorado mountain experience.
They only featured 3, but I would and could suggest 3x that amount.  In fact, you can do a day trip from Denver to Aspen, yes, returning the same day with a different route each way.  But you actually cannot do any of this without actually living here and Denver is the fastest growing metropolitan city in, yet again...THE NATION!

Why the allure?  Lifestyle!  Denver has one of the largest demographics of millennials entering the work force, and employers are bringing that generation into the fold.  It's easy to attract a younger population as Denver has 6 professional sports teams; owns its opera, ballet, symphony and theatre companies; has a hip new bar and restaurant scene; and of course a new legalization law in place.  Denver's close proximity to all the mountain playgrounds and outdoor activities adds to the allure, as well as easy access around the world from an international airport.  Denver is the new It Girl, and the origial nickname for Denver is the Queen City.

Denver also has been attracting the new Baby Boomer population, I say new because in the last few years the retiring Boomer has changed dramatically.  The new retiree has new knees, new hips, new parts altogether enabling a lifestyle that is filled with outdoor physical activities. Yep, they have traded up... knitting needles to hiking sticks and river poles.  The new Baby Boomer, raised in the hippiest of hip decades, desires an active lifestyle surrounded by young people.  This retiree invented the last scene of Mad Men, the martini lunch is now the yogini lunch!  Baby Boomers are also moving closer to the grandchildren because they are fit enough to actually play with the grandkids.  Lowry is a dynamic community with a mix of young and old, the ranch style home listed at 886 Ulster and featured on this website is a great example.   Lowry is just one of the many communities in Denver that attract a diverse community.

But if you don't live  here...

Call me for information on living in Denver.  I represent Buyers and Sellers in this robust market and would be happy to assist you!

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties
judy@kentwoodcity.com posted: May 20, 2015 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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