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According to the Downtown Denver Partnership, Denver's vibrancy is enhanced by its Denver Center City Neighborhoods.  Approximately 72,700 and change residents choose to live within a 1.5 mile radius of Downtown Denver.  You know these folks!  They are your friends, office mates, former neighbors and they live in "hoods" called Golden Triangle, Ballpark, Uptown, Jeff Park or the up and coming Rino District.  You say you want your order Sunny Side?...well it is just up the street from Lincoln Park.  The Highlands, Lo-Hi and Sloans are neighborhoods that have enjoyed a burst in the trendy restaurant scene that is receiving a national nod.   Cap Hill was named one of the 10 best neighborhoods to inhabit in the nation!  LoDo  and the Central Business District have enjoyed a popularity since the Baby Boomers started downsizing, while Golden Triangle has seductively seized the Denver Art Museum regulars.

Take a look at some of th Center City stats.  From 2010 to 2015 the  percentage of households with children in Jefferson Park, Lincoln Park and Rino went to 24% while Rino is up 75%!  This city is exploding, which begs the question "Can the city handle this population growth?"  

From 2011-2015 in the Center City, 6,768 residential development units have been completed and 6,165 are under construction, the highest growth spurt occuring in 2015.  Of the 12,933 residential units added or under construction, 95.9% are rental units.  That's right folks, less than 5 % are residential units for sale.  Seller's market?

Denver is one of the greatest cities in this country, and it is becoming even better.  With its proximity to the mountains offering a Winter Wonderland for sports enthusiasts or a Summer Playground for everyone else, Denver has become the recruiting agent.  Denver is now the beer mecca of the nation and touts ownership in 6 professional sport teams and ownership in theatre, ballet, orchestra and opera companies.
If you are moving to Denver, or are contemplating a move to Denver, contact me for an overview of the housing market.  To navigate in this market, working with a professional is key.  Kentwood City Properties has the best listing inventory in the Center City, and the Kentwood Company is number one in the metro area.  

Make Denver your home and make it permanent!

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties
303-820-2489 posted: November 30, 2015 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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