Be Prepared To Be Amazed

Modernism, the new concept in today's new home build...right?

Well, no.  Modernism dates back to the early part of the century, the last century.  There is a beyond interesting article in Sunday's New York Times, "On The Bauhaus Trail" by Charly Wilder.  It is a chronology and literary tour of the modernist movement, the Bauhaus movement, highlighting founders Walter Gropius and Mies Van der Rohe.  Caught my eye since there is an homage to Walter Gropius in my Cherry Creek townhome.  The article highlights the Bauhaus movement in various spots of Germany, beginning with the Bauhaus building in Dessau.  It is amazing that so many structures, museums and craft pieces survived the reign of the Third Reich and the exodus of the designers from Germany around 1933. 

I was not prepared to be amazed when I began reading this article, but I finished...amazed!  I did not know that the first pre-fab kitchen was designed by an Austrian in 1926. Schutte Lihotoky was a designer within the Bauhaus movement and designed the Frankfurt kitchen, a built-in kitchen consisting of built-in kitchen cabinets, counters and slots for appliances.  European kitchens, and American kitchens in the early 20th century had free standing cupboards for pantry items, dishes and cutlery.  Having a cupboard attached to the wall was, for lack of a better term.. modern!  That portion of the modern movement got legs and of course, post WWII, all the new homes built had built in kitchens!

The Bauhaus modern movement's motto was "Light, Air and Sun", which is why the homes designed by the architects, craftsmen and designers were mainly built with a flat roof and white facade...this is the 1920's people!  Now in the almost 2020's and trending now,  this style of design in new builds has surged in all cities, especially Denver!  Samplings are sprinkled in older neighborhoods from Sloans to Cherry Creek     North. 

Some of the other amazing facts gleaned from this great article are the designs by Walter Gropius in the art marries technology field in 1923.  Gropius designed the tubular lighting system and the levered door handle, something we touch everyday!  Gropius did not establish a patent on either and had to escape Germany.  Walter Gropius left Europe and to our benefit landed at Harvard, Mies van der Rohe escaped as well and migrated to Chicago! Thus the world became modern!

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