Someone's In The Kitchen With.....

The kitchen, the focal point of any home be it condo, apartment, bungalow or estate is the central chakra of the home. It reads all the senses; the eyes, nose, mouth, throat, heart and the solar plexus. The kitchen feeds! The kitchen greets, the kitchen chats and cries and laughs, it is the well being of the home. It is the most travelled room in the house, it makes the home's statement. The family kitchen acts as control center and usually is equipped with a planning desk, nurturing room, "whining" room (Kitchen, we have a problem), brag board, media room and the immediate go to gossip center. Singles and couples that entertain often usually find it difficult to move the party out of the kitchen, it is the party statement. Does your kitchen measure up? Would Dinah dig your digs? If not, it's time to either remodel or hang the pots in the kitchen that speaks to your soul. With interest rates at a record low, below 4% for a 30 year fixed mortgage, you can find the kitchen of you dreams, house included! Buy one and you'll be strummin on the old banjo! Contact me for a tour of some of the best kitchens in Denver and the Denver metro area. email me at posted: October 7, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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