Must Love Dogs...

.....a job skill for residential real estate professionals. On a recent zero degree snowy Denver morning, the Kentwood City Properties brokers toured several properties that were just listed or are listed as coming soon. Since the temps dropped to well below zero the night before, and the snow had fallen in inches on the two previous days, the sidewalks were hard packed and icy. Job skill set #3 for selling residential properties, a background in figure skating. Undaunted by the snow and ice, the lock boxes containing house keys provided ample opportunity for flesh adhering to cold metal. Job skill set #2, prior work experience as a locksmith. Selling residential real estate is not for the meek nor weary. Upon entering a property on tour, a rather old, precious, blind and hard of hearing Lassie-esque dog was standing on guard in the hallway on her bed. Skill set #1 Must Love Dogs. The notion that residential real estate brokers must be schooled and tested in real estate law, real estate agency, real estate finance, real estate commission approved contracts, real estate markets and marketing, real estate web sites, the internet, real estate development, mortgage rates and other lending opportunities, real estate titles and commitments is correct. Residential real esate brokers must also be current on mandatory subjects as it relates to contract changes and inspection issues, must keep a license current with several hours of continuing education course work and keep a current ethics class certificate to be members of the local, state and national realtor boards. All of this is what makes a real estate broker a professional. What is not commonly known are the other skill sets involved, including #1 Must Love Dogs. A fews years back, a well known and beloved dog in the Castle Pines Village neighborhood was at home when a broker with a scheduled appointment arrived with a client. The adorable Bichon greeted the broker and client with a coquettish wagging of tail and the obligatory asana (original dog pose) of rolling on his back for a tummy rub. The broker and client toured the all three floors of the house unaccompanied and upon leaving they were greeted at the door by the same dog in full palace dress...teeth bared and growling. It seems, his technique for getting the house sold was to keep the client in the house. The broker did not panic, made a few phone calls (luckily Castle Pines Village is a 24 hour gated community with emergency services personnel) and the real guards showed up with none other than Popcorn treats. You just can't make this stuff up. So when considering a brokerage firm to represent you and your family, including the furry friends, trust a company whose brokers have the skill sets necessary. You can email me at for a market analysis of your home and current marketing strategies or if you are interested in purchasing a new home, rates are still at all time lows so it is a good time to buy. Or, if you are interested in learning more about becoming involved with one of my favorite non-profits guessed it....The Denver Dumb Friends League, I would be happy to share that information. posted: December 6, 2011 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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