Contextualized Shopping

Shopping through text has been the hit sensation for the last few years. One can point, click and buy a European vacation, or an entire new wardrobe, an automobile or deck furniture from the luxury and comfort of your own deck. Need shoes? Go to Zappo and read the text on a plethora of shoes available. Need to book your next vacation? You will probably surf the web, read the text and the reviews, go! You can shop your next sojourn from a tweet, book a restaurant from a website and find a from a comment on facebook. Like? The residential real estate market is working to keep the contextualized shopper well informed. From housing values and trends to neighborhood data, many a buyer can view the texts of data prior to making their first buying tour. A seller can use social shopping to "guesstimate" the temperature of the market prior to pricing a home. However, at the end of day, the only way to become "linked in" to a purchase or sale is to touch and feel the product and the most reliable method for searching is through the knowledge and expertise of a Realtor. Choosing the right Realtor is essential whether you are buying or selling, text cannot provide what experience has taught. A typical buyer's agent will conduct a Metrolist search and continue with the auto search to keep up to speed with the speed of this changing residential market. A professional Realtor will know that the average days on market has dropped from a 184 number to 145, a negative 21.2%. That fact influences pricing a property. A Realtor that continues to stay informed of the markets knows that the 2012 Million Dollar Sales continue to outpace 2011, and the highest price sold has increased a whopping 74.8%! This is text you can believe. Contact me today for a comparative market analysis of your home, or context for homes in a neighborhood that has sparked your interest. A joint effort in contextual and personal shopping can put you into your next great home. posted: April 9, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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