If A Tree Falls ...

...in your path, do you regard it as an obstacle or part of the path? Reminders of how we view obstacles occur daily and sometimes how we view the obstacle determines the outcome. This past weekend was bursting with activity in the field of residential real estate. The National Association of Realtors promoted its annual Open House Weekend and buyers were out opening doors and collecting brochures. Interesting to hear comments from buyers and how buyers view homes. One of the greatest obstacles in a home that is listed for sale is getting the home "de-obstacled". A seller may have spent the budget on the draperies that match the living room couch and side chairs but are they an amenity to the home or an obstacle? Buyers need to see the forest, it is very hard to visualize the mill work in a large library if the books, mementos, photos and kindergarten palm prints are creating visual obstacles. One person's treasure is another one's yard sale, and the mantra when launching a home to market is de-clutter, de-doily, de-funk and remove the obstacles. Be your own personal home stager and follow three simple rules in getting rid of the obstacles. 1. All the photos, art objects, albums, souvenirs, etc that you plan to move should be boxed for the move, immediately. This will save the time and energy when you are under the timelines of a contract, and in the long run money from the move. 2. All items you are not planning on moving need to be boxed and removed immediately. If the kids are taking "mother's china", box and send it! All the trips to consignments and charities should be completed prior to the lock box placement, and don't forget the clothes! If you haven't thinned the closet, do it before the first showing. An overstuffed or full closet is always viewed as an obstacle rather than part of the path. Furniture follows the same rule, if it doesn't travel to the new house, it needs to go. 3. The front door;is there an inviting path that leads to the front door or a course that needs conquering? Do quick drive by your home for street appeal. If there is a leftover party hosted by old man winter, send the party packing. A well tended path to the home will set the mental tone for the offer to follow. If you are interested in launching your home to market, call or email me at judy@kentwoodcity.com. posted: April 30, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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