The Consumer Genome

According to an article by Natasha Singer from the New York Times Sunday Business section, there is a company that has amassed the world's largest commercial database on consumers, information about 500 million active consumers worldwide and about 1500 data points per person. This is obviously useful for any major company looking for insight into its consumers. The data ranges from media channel usage, read books and magazines, investments, text messaging, spectator sports, latest purchase or months since last purchase and on and on. It gets into the particulars of the consumer such as ethnicity, religion, pet ownership,, food preference or diet restrictions and again, on and on. So why not mix it up? Give the genome composition something to think about. Let's re-map it! If you are a city dweller, maybe it's time to enjoy the whispering of the pines under starry, starry nights. Trade in the asphalt for the links by purchasing a home positioned on one of the signature Jack Nicklaus golf courses. Buy a lot or a home in Castle Pines Village, the consumer's position has never been better with record low interest rates and continued low pricing of existing homes. Castle Pines Village will always hold the magic of "where Denver becomes Colorado again". Your consumer genome will now include bird watching or hiking, or a tendency to exercise in fresh air or snow shoeing. Reverse this sequence by moving from the country into the city, where you walk from your door into a top rated restaurant or world class opera. Keep the car in your garage and walk to the Broncos game or jump on a last minute ticket to a Rockies game. Your consumer genome will never include moments of boredom, but it might include gourmet "foodie" with a tendency towards Broadway musicals. Now is the time to re-sequence and move that consumer genome and I can help you do that. I market homes, condominiums and lots in the greater metro Denver and Castle Pines Village. Email me today and let's get started. Kentwood City Properties posted: June 18, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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