New Normal

The new catch phrase seems to be the "new normal".  Want to discuss global warming and weather patterns?  The answer seems to be the new normal.  Want to dissect the past election, red states vs blue and electoral votes?  The subject of the new normal will definitely enter into the conversation. Family television has re-defined the Donna Reed/June Cleaver household and the Modern Family has become the new normal.   Everything seems to be a new normal these days so let's explore the new normal in the housing market!

The new normal, mortgage delinquicy rates are down, meaning more people are current on  their mortgage payments.  Interest rates at record lows making it easier to make that payment; but wait, low interest rates are not the new normal.  What goes down will always rise again. 

Hoping to stay a new normal is the sales volume for October.
In the Denver metro area MLS the sales volume in October was up 45.9 %, in the Kentwood Companies it rose to 64.1% from last year.  Compare that to the year to date figures; MLs was up 28.5% and the Kentwood Companies were up 53.1% from last year.  Seeing a pattern here or the new normal?
With vacancy rates at a record low mark, the new normal for housing, homes are selling!

Now is the time to join the new normal!  Contact me for an overview of the marketplace.
Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties posted: November 13, 2012 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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